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Prof Sharad Bhartiya

Professor Switched Systems, State Estimation and control, Pr... View Profile

Prof Rajdip Bandyopadhyaya

Professor Colloids and Interfacial science, Self-assembly, M... View Profile

Dr Jhumpa Adhikari

Professor Molecular Simulation, Molecular and Statistical Th... View Profile

Dr Jayesh Bellare

Professor Biomedical devices: dialysis membranes, extracorpo... View Profile

Prof Sameer Jadhav

Professor Microfluidics, cell mechanics, sperm motility... View Profile

Prof Mahesh S Tirumkudulu

Professor Atomization, Consolidation of Colloidal Dispersion... View Profile

Dr Ravindra D Gudi

Professor Process control and Optimization, Statistical Meth... View Profile

Dr Kareenhalli Viswanath Venkatesh

Professor Systems Biology, Network analysis and modeling, Sy... View Profile

Dr Chandra Venkataraman

Professor Atmospheric aerosols , Energy use emissions, clima... View Profile

Dr Devang Vipin Khakhar

Professor Granular Solids, Rodlike polymers, Polyurethane fo... View Profile

Dr Guruswamy Kumaraswamy

Professor Colloids, Rheology, Surfactants... View Profile

Prof Anurag Mehra

Professor Public Policy, Sociology of Education, Science and... View Profile

Dr K M Moudgalya

Professor Chemical processes, Virtual Labs for Process Contr... View Profile

Dr Sanjay M Mahajani

Professor Multifunctional Reactors, Computational Fluid Dyna... View Profile

Dr Santosh Noronha

Professor Biochemical Engineering, recombinant biotechnology... View Profile

Dr Hemant Nanavati

Professor Network Elasticity, Structure-Property Relationshi... View Profile

Dr S R Patwardhan

Professor Control relevant dynamic modeling of nonlinear sys... View Profile

Dr Akkihebbal Krishnamurthy Suresh

Professor Reaction Engineering, Multiphase systems, Biochemi... View Profile

Dr Pramod Wangikar

Professor Applied Enzymology, Experimental and theoretical a... View Profile

Mr Sandip Roy

Professor Colloids and interfacial phenomena, Molecular ther... View Profile

Dr Ratul Dasgupta

Associate Professor Molecular Simulations, Statistical Themodynamics, ... View Profile

Dr Supreet Saini

Associate Professor Biochemical Engineering, Biomolecular Engineering... View Profile

Dr Swati Bhattacharya

Associate Professor Computational Biology ,Surface Science, Biomateria... View Profile

Dr Abhijit Majumder

Associate Professor Surface Science, Biomaterials... View Profile

Dr Ganesh A Viswanathan

Associate Professor Systems biology of Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TN... View Profile

Dr Madhu Vinjamur

Associate Professor Mass Transfer, Computational Lab, Chemical Enginee... View Profile

Dr Abhijit Chatterjee

Associate Professor Computational Method Development, Semiconductor ma... View Profile

Dr Mani Bhushan

Associate Professor Process Safety Analysis, Process Planning and Sche... View Profile

Dr P Sunthar

Associate Professor Microfluidic Synthesis of Vesicles/Liposomes, Poly... View Profile

Dr Sarika Mehra

Associate Professor Biology and Metabolic Engineering, with focus on s... View Profile

Dr Ojus Mohan

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Expertise in computational catalysis. Research int... View Profile

Dr Partha Sarathi Goswami

Assistant Professor Computational Flow Modelling, Fluid Mechanics and ... View Profile

Dr Arindam Sarkar

Assistant Professor Catalysis, Nanoparticles... View Profile

Dr Bharatkumar Suthar

Assistant Professor Multiphase Reaction, Reaction Engineering, Surface... View Profile

Dr Jyoti Seth

Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Yogendra Shastri

Assistant Professor Climate change, Green Engineering, Modelling, Opti... View Profile

Dr Venkat Gundabala

Assistant Professor Drug Delivery, Nano-composites, Polymer Processing... View Profile

Dr Sujit S Jogwar

Assistant Professor Energy Integration, Modelling, Optimisation... View Profile

Dr Mukta Tripathy

Assistant Professor Thermodynamics and Molecular simulations... View Profile

Dr Jason R. Picardo

Assistant Professor Fluid mechanics and stability, Heat and mass trans... View Profile