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Prof R B Sunoj

Professor Information such as structural parameters, Orbital... View Profile

Prof Gopalan Rajaraman

Professor Computational inorganic chemistry, magnetism and m... View Profile

Prof Prasenjit Ghosh

Professor Olefin polymerization, Homogeneous catalysis, Inor... View Profile

Prof Rajarshi Chakrabarti

Professor Theoretical Chemistry, Statistical Mechanics, Acti... View Profile

Prof Anindya Datta

Professor Excited state dynamics of novel fluorophores, Time... View Profile

Dr Krishna Pillai Kaliappan

Professor Total Synthesis of Biologically Active Natural Pro... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Mathur

Professor Organometallic Chemistry... View Profile

Prof G Naresh Patwari

Professor Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Molecular Clusters, H... View Profile

Prof M S Balakrishna

Professor Inorganic rings, cages and clusters and their tran... View Profile

Prof Ramaswamy Murugavel

Professor Synthetic Main Group Chemistry, Metallasilicates, ... View Profile

Prof Harkesh Bahadur Singh

Professor Organochalcogen (S, Se and Te) Chemistry, Stabiliz... View Profile

Prof Irishi N N Namboothiri

Professor Organic Synthesis, Physical Organic Chemistry, Rea... View Profile

Dr Nand Kishore

Professor Biothermodynamics, Biophysical Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Y U Sasidhar

Professor Biophysical Chemistry, Probing protein folding and... View Profile

Dr Mangalampalli N Ravikanth

Professor Synthesis and photodynamics of unsymmetrical multi... View Profile

Dr Anil Kumar

Professor Liquis Crystalline Polymers, Dendrimers, Gas Senso... View Profile

Prof Goutam Kumar Lahiri

Professor Electrochemical, Spectroscopic, Magnetic, Structur... View Profile

Dr Sambasivarao Kotha

Professor New Synthetic Methods, Unusual Amino Acids, Suzuki... View Profile

Dr Arindam Chowdhury

Associate Professor Single fluorescent sensor probes in a polymer thin... View Profile

Dr Kamendra P. Sharma

Associate Professor Our research group focuses on the design and devel... View Profile

Dr Arnab Dutta

Associate Professor We are bio-inspired catalyst designers. In our lab... View Profile

Dr Nandita Madhavan

Associate Professor Our goal is to engineer biomimetic molecules using... View Profile

Dr Ruchi Anand

Associate Professor Structural Biochemistry, Biochemical and crystallo... View Profile

Dr Santosh J Gharpure

Associate Professor Organic synthesis, new synthetic methods, asymmetr... View Profile

Dr P I Pradeepkumar

Associate Professor Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel gene tar... View Profile

Dr Debabrata Maiti

Associate Professor Development of Transition-Metal Mediated Reactions... View Profile

Dr Rodney A Fernandes

Associate Professor Asymmetric synthesis of natural products, Total sy... View Profile

Dr Suvarn Kulkarni

Associate Professor One-pot methods for glycomics, Synthesis of cell-s... View Profile

Dr Shobhna Kapoor

Assistant Professor Field of Molecular Biophysics and Chemical Biology... View Profile

Dr Sanjog S. Nagarkar

Assistant Professor Our research group focuses on the designed assembl... View Profile

Dr Srinivasan Ramakrishnan

Assistant Professor Molecular design of interfacial electrochemical pr... View Profile

Dr Chidambar Kulkarni

Assistant Professor Our research is focused on design, synthesis and c... View Profile

Dr Amber Jain

Assistant Professor developing and applying theoretical methods to sim... View Profile

Dr Achintya Kumar Dutta

Assistant Professor I am a theoretical chemist by training. I apply la... View Profile

Dr Ishita Sengupta

Assistant Professor Protein Folding, NMR... View Profile

Dr Chandra M R Volla

Assistant Professor Transition-metal Catalysis, Organocatalysis, Asymm... View Profile

Dr Maheswaran Shanmugam

Assistant Professor Magnetic materials, Catalysis, Chemistry towards b... View Profile

Dr C Subramaniam

Assistant Professor Synthesis of various carbon related nanomaterials,... View Profile

Dr Sandip Kar

Assistant Professor Systems biology, Chemical kinetics, Nonlinear dyna... View Profile

Dr Leela Srinivas Panchakarla

Assistant Professor Low-Dimensional Materials for Energy Conversio, St... View Profile

Dr Rahul Maitra

Assistant Professor In the framework of Many-Body Quantum Chemistry, o... View Profile