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Dr Manas Kumar Sahu

Senior Research Fellow Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Perception, Anal... View Profile

Dr Pushpa L Trivedi

Professor Open Economy Macroeconomics, International Trade a... View Profile

Dr K Narayanan

Professor Development Economics, Industrial Economics, Inter... View Profile

Dr Haripriya Gundimeda

Professor Natural resource and environmental economics, Wate... View Profile

Dr Puja Padhi

Professor inancial Economics, Monetary Economics, Macro Econ... View Profile

Dr Surajit Bhattacharyya

Professor Micro and Macroeconomic Theory(Teaching),Industri... View Profile

Dr Ranjan K Panda

Professor Philosophy of Mind.... View Profile

Prof Azizuddin Khan

Professor Cognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology, Huma... View Profile

Dr Rowena Robinson

Professor Sociology of religion and kinship, Conversion, Chr... View Profile

Dr D Parthasarathy

Professor Urban studies, Governance and legal pluralism, Cli... View Profile

Dr Kushal Deb

Professor Ethnicity and Multiculturalism, Urban Studies, Soc... View Profile

Dr J K Nayak

Professor Solar thermal energy, Passive solar architecture... View Profile

Prof Pooja Purang

Professor Ph. Organizational Behaviour, Personality Studies,... View Profile

Prof Vikram Singh Sirola

Professor Epistemology: Social Epistemology, Evolutionary E... View Profile

Prof Malhar A. Kulkarni

Professor Sanskrit language, Paninian Grammar, Philosophy of... View Profile

Prof K. Ramasubramanian

Professor Indian Science and Technology, Indian Philosophy, ... View Profile

Dr C D Sebastian

Associate Professor Buddhism, Classical Indian Philosophy, Comparitive... View Profile

Dr Siby K George

Associate Professor Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Development E... View Profile

Prof Rajakishore Nath

Associate Professor Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence,Philosophy o... View Profile

Dr Sudha Shastri

Associate Professor Postmodern Fiction, Intertextuality, Indian Writin... View Profile

Dr Chetan Singh Solanki

Associate Professor Solar Photovoltaic, Thin-film silicon solar cells,... View Profile

Dr Mrinmoyi Kulkarni

Associate Professor Health, Gender, Development ... View Profile

Dr Suryakant Waghmore

Associate Professor My research has encompassed a mixed method approac... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Bairy T S

Associate Professor Caste today, religious institutions, hierarchy/str... View Profile

Dr Ratheesh Radhakrishnan

Associate Professor Cultural Studies, Feminist Theory, Literary Theory... View Profile

Dr Vaijayanthi Sarma

Associate Professor Syntactic theory, Language acquisition, fieldwork ... View Profile

Dr Paulomi Chakraborty

Associate Professor The Partition of 1947, the 'Turbulent 40s' in Beng... View Profile

Dr Pravesh Jung Golay

Associate Professor Thematic Interests:Issues in Moral Theory, Histori... View Profile

Dr Rama Pal

Associate Professor Health Economics, Development Economics, Applied E... View Profile

Dr Ahonaa Roy

Associate Professor On the issues of gender and sexuality, medical ant... View Profile

Dr Ratikanta Panda

Associate Professor Philosophy of Language, Wittgenstein, Culture and ... View Profile

Dr Sharmila

Associate Professor Women's Studies, Autobiography Studies, "Crisis" i... View Profile

Dr Tara Shankar Shaw

Assistant Professor Applied Econometrics, Corporate Governance, Labour... View Profile

Dr Tanmay Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor Health, Neuro-Cognitive Psychology, Subjective Wel... View Profile

Dr Sarmistha Pattanaik

Assistant Professor Sociology of Development and Environment, Anthropo... View Profile

Dr Balasubramaniam Kavaipatti

Assistant Professor Cheap and abundant materials for Photovoltaic appl... View Profile

Dr Anush Kapadia

Assistant Professor I work on the politics of financial systems, tryin... View Profile

Dr Arun Iyer

Assistant Professor 20th Century Continental Philosophy: Heidegger, Fo... View Profile

Dr Amrita Banerjee

Assistant Professor Moral, Social, and Political Philosophy, Feminist ... View Profile

Dr Aditi Chaubal

Assistant Professor Nonlinear time series analysis, macroeconomics, mo... View Profile

Dr Neha Gupta

Assistant Professor Agricultural Economics, Behavioral Economics, Expe... View Profile

Dr Sharmistha Saha

Assistant Professor Theatre Historiography, Performance Philosophy, Co... View Profile

Dr Saptarshi Prosonno Ghosh

Assistant Professor Public Policy and Institutional Design, Game Theo... View Profile