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Mr Ravi Poovaiah

Professor Interaction Design, Environment Design, Communicat... View Profile

Dr Anirudha Joshi

Professor Visual Design, Usability Studies, Human-Computer I... View Profile

Ms Shilpa Ranade

Professor Animation, Illustration, Graphic Design... View Profile

Mr Nishant Sharma

Professor Automotive Design, Vehicle Design Process, Product... View Profile

Dr B K Chakravarthy

Professor New Product Innovation, Product Styling and Percep... View Profile

Dr Venkatesh Rajamanickam

Professor Human-Computer Interface Design, Data Visualizatio... View Profile

Dr Vijay Bapat

Professor Product Design, Creative Engineering, Details Rapi... View Profile

Prof G G Ray

Professor Muck skeletal issues and load bearing activities,W... View Profile

Dr Sreekumar G V

Professor Magazine Design Typography, Information Design, Pu... View Profile

Dr Nina Sabnani

Professor Illustration, Visual Narratives, Animation Studies... View Profile

Dr Tetali Phani

Professor Animation, Gaming, New Media in Education... View Profile

Dr Raja Mohanty

Professor Visual Arts, Aesthetics Narratives and Storytellin... View Profile

Mr Sumant M Rao

Professor Animation, Illustration, Special Effects... View Profile

Dr Girish Dalvi

Associate Professor Typography, Type Design, Interaction Design, Resea... View Profile

Mr Mandar Rane

Associate Professor Graphic Design, Basic Design, Web Media , Print Me... View Profile

Dr Purba Joshi

Associate Professor Computer Aided Design, Product form and Aesthetics... View Profile

Dr Jayesh Pillai

Associate Professor Immersive Media Design, Virtual Reality & Augmente... View Profile

Dr Avinash Shende

Associate Professor Poetic Synthesis, Product Integrated Photovoltaic,... View Profile

Dr Alka Hingorani

Associate Professor Film, Photography and Story-telling - adaptations ... View Profile

Dr Mazhar Kamran

Associate Professor World cinema, Indian cinema, Film making, Document... View Profile

Mr Sandesh R

Associate Professor Product Design, Form Studies, Craft Culture Design... View Profile

Dr Balan Sudesh

Associate Professor Digital Film-making, Photography Cinematography, L... View Profile

Dr Sugandh Malhotra

Assistant Professor Industrial Engineering... View Profile

Dr Bokil Prasad

Assistant Professor Visual language, Design semiotics, Graphic Design,... View Profile

Dr Vivek Kant

Assistant Professor Systems Design, Human Factor, Interaction design... View Profile

Dr Swati Pal

Assistant Professor Product design Ergonomics, Physical Ergonomics, Co... View Profile

Dr Kums P Kumaresan

Assistant Professor Product Interface Design, Product innovation, Prot... View Profile