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Dr Prita Pant

Professor Mechanical Behavior of Thin Films, Dislocation Dyn... View Profile

Dr S Mallick

Professor Dye Sensitized Solar Cells, Electroceramics... View Profile

Dr A R Bhattacharyya

Professor Polymer blends, Polymer nanocomposites.... View Profile

Dr V S Raja

Professor Structure-processing-corrosion property relation, ... View Profile

Dr N Venkataramani

Professor Ferrimagnetics - Bulk and thin film, Electronic ma... View Profile

Dr Rajiv O Dusane

Professor Synthesis and characterization of amorphous and na... View Profile

Dr Ashutosh S Gandhi

Professor High Temperature Protective Coatings... View Profile

Dr Nurni N Viswanathan

Professor Modelling and Simulation, Transport Phenomena, Pro... View Profile

Dr Parag Bhargava

Professor Powder Processing, Near Net Shape Forming of Advan... View Profile

Dr Ajit R Kulkarni

Professor Dielectric Ceramics and Ferroelectric Thin Films, ... View Profile

Dr Nirdosh K Khosla

Professor Mineral Processing, Instrumentation... View Profile

Dr K Narasimhan

Professor FEM and CAE applications, constitutive modelling a... View Profile

Dr Nithyananad Prabhu

Professor Phase Transformations, Structure - Property Relati... View Profile

Prof Indradev S Samajdar

Professor Crystallographic Texture, Microstructural Engineer... View Profile

Dr Satish Vitta

Professor Magnetic and electrical properties of metals, allo... View Profile

Dr T.R.S. Prasanna

Professor Developing new oxide-ion conductors to act as elec... View Profile

Dr Smrutiranjan Parida

Associate Professor Functional application of nanostructured metals an... View Profile

Dr Aparna Singh

Associate Professor Synthesis methods of nanostructured materials in b... View Profile

Dr Amrita Bhattacharya

Associate Professor Computational materials science... View Profile

Dr M J N V Prasad

Associate Professor Nanocrystalline, amorphous, and implant materials,... View Profile

Dr Somnath Basu

Associate Professor Slag-metal interactions... View Profile

Dr Sumit Saxena

Associate Professor First principles calculations of electronic struct... View Profile

Dr Nagamani Jaya Balila

Assistant Professor Mechanical behavior of materials, Nanoindentation ... View Profile

Dr Avradeep Pal

Assistant Professor Superconductor-ferromagnet interactions (Supercond... View Profile

Dr Deepoo Kumar

Assistant Professor Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Metallurgical Proce... View Profile

Dr Manish Pande

Assistant Professor High Temperature Experimentation and Metallic Foam... View Profile

Dr Mithun Chowdhury

Assistant Professor Non-equilibrium phenomena in soft condensed matter... View Profile

Dr Vijayshankar Dandapani

Assistant Professor Aqueous corrosion, Electrochemistry, High temperat... View Profile

Dr Titas Dasgupta

Assistant Professor Thermoelectric materials and devices... View Profile

Prof Shobha Shukla

Assistant Professor Nanophotonic devices, Nanomaterials, Metamaterials... View Profile

Dr Dipti Gupta

Assistant Professor Flexible/Plastic Electronics based on organic semi... View Profile

Dr M P Gururajan

Assistant Professor Computational Materials Science, Phase Transformat... View Profile

Dr Amartya Mukhopadhyay

Assistant Professor Materials for electrochemical energy storage and c... View Profile

Dr Aswani Yella

Assistant Professor Nanostructured materials for photovoltaics... View Profile

Dr Ajay S Panwar

Assistant Professor Multi-scale molecular modelling of self-assembly i... View Profile

Dr Rahul Kumar Das

Post-Doctoral Research Scientist Fluorescent Sensors, Cancer Nanomedicine & Environ... View Profile