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Dr M Aslam

Professor Oxides and other earth abundant compounds (CZTS) f... View Profile

Dr Raghava Varma

Professor High Energy Experiments... View Profile

Dr Basanta Kumar Nandi

Professor Multiplarticle production, Fluctuation and Heavy F... View Profile

Dr Punit Parmananda

Professor ... View Profile

Dr Dibyendu Das

Professor Theory of Stochatic Processes, and Non-equilibrium... View Profile

Dr P P Singh

Professor Fermi surface, MgB2 alloys, Variation of Tc, Elect... View Profile

Dr M. Senthilkumar

Professor Magnetic multilayers, Neutron multilayers., Invest... View Profile

Dr Subhabrata Dhar

Professor Growth, transport and optical properties of semico... View Profile

Dr M Senthil Kumar

Professor Magnetic thin films and multilayers; Nanostructure... View Profile

Dr Asmita Mukherjee

Professor Theoretical Particle Physics, QCD, QCD spin physic... View Profile

Dr Krishnawarrier G Suresh

Professor Magnetism and Spintronics, Topological matter, Mag... View Profile

Dr Alok Shukla

Professor Thermodynamics, Computational Methods, Classical M... View Profile

Dr S.S. Major

Professor Physics... View Profile

Dr Tomy C V

Professor Physics and Astronomy, Materials Science... View Profile

Dr A.V. Mahajan

Professor Experimental Condensed Matter Physics... View Profile

Dr P Das

Professor Experimental Nuclear Physics... View Profile

Prof Urjit Yajnik

Professor Elementary Particle Physics, Cosmology, General Th... View Profile

Dr Bhanu P Singh

Professor Physics... View Profile

Dr Pichai Ramadevi

Professor String Theory... View Profile

Dr Tapanendu Kundu

Professor Laser Spctroscopy, Non Linear Spctroscopy, Photoac... View Profile

Dr Anirban Sain

Professor Dynamic processes in the Cell... View Profile

Dr Bhagawantrao N Jagatap

Professor ... View Profile

Dr Sankagiri Umasankar

Professor Constraints on the Left - Right symmetric models f... View Profile

Dr Sadhana Dash

Associate Professor Heavy Ion collisions, Correlations, Resonance Prod... View Profile

Dr Mithun Kumar Mitra

Associate Professor Spatial organisation of the 3D genome... View Profile

Dr Dinesh Kabra

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Suddhasatta Mahapatra

Associate Professor Quantum Electronics, Quantum Information, and Quan... View Profile

Dr Aftab Alam

Associate Professor Structural, Magnetic and Quantum Phase Transition ... View Profile

Dr S. Shankaranarayanan

Associate Professor Black-hole physics, Early-universe Cosmology, Gene... View Profile

Dr Archana Pai

Associate Professor Gravitational wave transient search with laser int... View Profile

Dr Kantimay Das Gupta

Associate Professor Mesoscopic physics, low temperature transport, sem... View Profile

Dr Parinda Vasa

Associate Professor Photonics Experiments, Spectroscopy, Ultrafast spe... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Sarin

Associate Professor Developing particle detectors for high energy phys... View Profile

Dr Kumar Rao

Assistant Professor High Energy Theory... View Profile

Dr Varun Bhalerao

Assistant Professor Astrophysics, Astrophysical Instrumentation, Compa... View Profile

Dr Anshuman Kumar

Assistant Professor Experimental and theoretical aspects of Nanophoton... View Profile

Prof Nitin Kumar

Assistant Professor Active Matter, Soft Condensed Matter Physics, Stat... View Profile

Dr Pramod Kumar

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Sai Vinjanampathy

Assistant Professor Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Control Theory... View Profile

Dr Sunita Srivastava

Assistant Professor Soft Matter, Nanomaterials, Colloids and Glassy Ma... View Profile

Dr Hridis Kumar Pal

Assistant Professor Quantum materials where novel effects arise from e... View Profile

Dr Raghunath Chelakkot

Assistant Professor Physics of sentient systems... View Profile

Dr Amitabha Nandi

Assistant Professor Collective phenomena in biological active matter... View Profile

Dr Gopal Dixit

Assistant Professor Ultrafast physical and chemical processes in natur... View Profile

Dr Vikram Rentala

Assistant Professor Intersections of the fields of high energy particl... View Profile

Dr Sumiran Pujari

Assistant Professor Condensed Matter Theory, Quantum Magnetism, Comput... View Profile

Dr Soumya Bera

Assistant Professor Many-Body Localization... View Profile