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Prof Subhasis Chaudhuri

Director Multimedia, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Pat... View Profile

Dr Joseph John

Professor Analog and Digital Circuits, Optical Fiber Communi... View Profile

Dr Anil Kottantharayil

Professor Silicon photovoltaic cells and module reliability,... View Profile

Dr Souvik Mahapatra

Professor Electrical characterization, modeling and simulati... View Profile

Dr Mukul C Chandorkar

Professor Soft Switching Technologies Electrical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Subhananda Chakrabarti

Professor III-V Compound semiconductor materials growth and ... View Profile

Dr Girish Kumar

Professor Microstrip antennas and arrays, Broadband antennas... View Profile

Dr Vivek Shripad Borkar

Professor Stochastic Control, Learning Control Theory, Rando... View Profile

Dr Jayanta Mukherjee

Professor RF VLSI Design, Antenna Design, Biomedical IC Desi... View Profile

Dr Sachin Patkar

Professor Combinatorial optimization Matroid Theory Submodul... View Profile

Prof K.L. Narasimhan

Professor ... View Profile

Prof B. M. Arora

Professor Optoelectronic materials and devices III-IV compou... View Profile

Dr Mahesh B Patil

Professor Semiconductor device modelling for circuit simulat... View Profile

Prof Rajesh H. Zele

Professor RF, Analog & Mixed-Signal Circuits for Communicati... View Profile

Prof Madhu N. Belur

Professor Railway timetabling: development of tools, Singula... View Profile

Dr Maryam Shojaei Baghini

Professor Analog/Mixed-Signal/RF VLSI, Circuit and Systems f... View Profile

Dr Shreevardhan A Soman

Professor Power system analysis, computation and economics, ... View Profile

Dr Vivek Agarwal

Professor Power Conversion, Modelling and simualtion of powe... View Profile

Dr Shabbir Merchant

Professor Signal Processing, Adaptive Signal Processing... View Profile

Dr. Raghunath K Shevgaonkar

Professor Fiber optic communication and photonics, Numerical... View Profile

Dr Juzer Mohsin Vasi

Professor Silicon photovoltaic devices, Nanocrystal based so... View Profile

Dr Vikram M Gadre

Professor Communications and signal processing with emphasis... View Profile

Dr Dinesh K Sharma

Professor MOS device modeling, VLSI design and technology.Mi... View Profile

Dr Shrikrishna A Khaparde

Professor Deregulation in Power Industry,optimal bidding and... View Profile

Dr Harish K Pillai

Professor Control theory, optimal control, Coding theory, O... View Profile

Dr Harihar Narayanan

Professor Building large scale circuit simulators, Combinato... View Profile

Dr Prem C Pandey

Professor Speech and Signal Processing, Biomedical Signal Pr... View Profile

Dr Madhav P Desai

Professor VLSI design and design automation, Graph theory an... View Profile

Dr Preeti S Rao

Professor Speech and Audio Signal Processing Digital Signal ... View Profile

Dr Anil M Kulkarni

Professor Power System Dynamics, Flexible AC Transmission Sy... View Profile

Dr Shrikrishna V Kulkarni

Professor High Voltage insulation design, Electromagnetic fi... View Profile

Dr D Manjunath

Professor Computer and Communication Network Protocols, Syst... View Profile

Dr Kishore Chatterjee

Professor Utility friendly converter topologies, Power Facto... View Profile

Dr Baylon G Fernandes

Professor Switch-Mode Rectifiers Switch-Mode Power Supplies ... View Profile

Dr Virendra R Sule

Professor Linear multivatiavriable systems theory, H-infinit... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Anand

Associate Professor Power Electronics... View Profile

Dr Ashwin A Tulapurkar

Associate Professor Spintronics, Physics of nano-devices, Spin-current... View Profile

Dr Amit Sethi

Associate Professor Computational pathology, Medical image analysis, D... View Profile

Dr Debasattam Pal

Associate Professor Distributed parameter systems, Algebraic analysis,... View Profile

Dr Virendra Singh

Associate Professor Computer Architecture Processor architecture andam... View Profile

Dr Manoj Gopalkrishnan

Associate Professor Algorithms in nature, Information processing in ne... View Profile

Dr Saurabh Lodha

Associate Professor CMOS process integration and device physics, Mater... View Profile

Dr Bikash Kumar Dey

Associate Professor Information Theory, Coding Theory, Wireless commun... View Profile

Dr Debraj Chakraborty

Associate Professor Optimal Control, Linear Systems, Optimisation, Dif... View Profile

Prof Apurba Laha

Associate Professor 1. Molecular Beam Epitaxy, III-Nitride based semic... View Profile

Dr Siddhartha P Duttagupta

Associate Professor Microelectronics, Micro/Nano Sensor Technology Opt... View Profile

Dr Siddharth Tallur

Assistant Professor Embedded Systems and Sensors, Digital Systems and ... View Profile

Dr Anupama Kowli

Assistant Professor Power system planning, operations and control, Ele... View Profile

Dr Nikhil Karamchandani

Assistant Professor Information Theory, Networks, Communications, Dist... View Profile

Dr Himanshu J. Bahirat

Assistant Professor Renewable Energy Sources, Grid Integration of Rene... View Profile

Dr Saravanan Vijayakumaran

Assistant Professor Signal Processing for Communications, Parallel Sim... View Profile

Dr Dwaipayan Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Multi-agent Systems Consensus, Formation Control, ... View Profile

Dr Pramod Murali

Assistant Professor Mixed signal IC design, Sensor interface circuits... View Profile

Dr Sharayu Moharir

Assistant Professor Content delivery networks,Communication networks, ... View Profile

Dr Rajbabu Velmurugan

Assistant Professor Statistical and digital signal processing, Signal ... View Profile

Dr Narendra S Shiradkar

Assistant Professor Photovoltaic Module and System Reliability, Accele... View Profile

Dr Kasturi Saha

Assistant Professor Nanophotonics, Quantum optics, Magnetometry, Color... View Profile

Dr Jayakrishnan U Nair

Assistant Professor Queueing theory, Communication networks... View Profile

Dr Swaroop Ganguly

Assistant Professor Physics and technology of nanoscale devices, Spin-... View Profile

Dr Udayan Ganguly

Assistant Professor Flash Memory materials and device optimization, Na... View Profile

Dr Prasanna Chaporkar

Assistant Professor Resource Allocation and scheduling in wired/wirele... View Profile

Dr Sibi Raj B Pillai

Assistant Professor Fundamental Limits of Communication Systems, Infor... View Profile

Dr Shalabh Gupta

Assistant Professor High-speed CMOS analog/RF/mm-wave integrated circu... View Profile

Dr Gaurav S Kasbekar

Assistant Professor Modeling, design and analysis of wireless networks... View Profile

Dr Dipankar Saha

Assistant Professor Microelectronics New Device Physics Semiconductor ... View Profile

Dr Pradeep R Nair

Assistant Professor Nanoscale devices for energy and healthcare applic... View Profile

Dr Bhaskaran Muralidharan

Assistant Professor Computational Nanolectronics, Spintronics , Nano S... View Profile

Dr Animesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Signal processing, Communication systems, Applied ... View Profile

Dr Anshuman Shukla

Assistant Professor Multilevel converters and Modulation and control ... View Profile